Pledges RNIB Donations from Talking Watch Sales

Oct. 26 | Manchester, United Kingdom (10th October, 2012) –, a leading UK supplier of quality DIY products, has announced that a percentage of their talking watch sales will be donated to RNIB.

Sales of Dresses For Pear Shape Women Are Increasing

Oct. 10 | England 7/10/2012- Sales of dresses for pear shape women are on the increase as more women dress to flatter their shape rather than slavishly following fashion Urges Use of Heating Oil Tank Locks as Winter Approaches

Sep. 26 | Manchester, United Kingdom (14th September, 2012) –, a leading UK supplier of quality DIY products, has commented on the benefits of heating oil tank locks during winter. The colder seasons often result in a significant rise in the theft...

Watches2U Welcome the Arrival of WeWood Watches to the UK

Sep. 17 | Surrey, United Kingdom (13th September, 2012) – Watches2U, a leading UK online watch shop, announce the arrival of the new WeWood watch collection which is now available for order. WeWood watches are unlike anything else in the timepiece industry at...

Sales of Refurbished Office Furniture from Barkham Office Furniture Grow

Aug. 31 | England 24/08/2012- Traditional markets for refurbished office furniture from Barkham office furniture have expanded rather than contracted

Fiorelli Launch Two New Accessory Winter 2012 Collections

Aug. 29 | London, United Kingdom (28 June, 2012) – Fiorelli, a leading accessory brand in the UK and Ireland, announce the launch of their Fiorelli London and Fiorelli Signature Winter 2012 Collections.

The Internet Feeds Sales of Designer Men’s Clothes

Aug. 25 | England 05/08/2012- Despite the recession, sales of designer men’s clothes are continuing to grow steadily

Buying Affordable Make Up Online

Aug. 13 | August 2012 – Just because you are someone that wants to look good it doesn’t mean you have the budget to do so. For many of us we want to look our best at all times but feel that we don’t have the budget to make it happen. Beauty products are...

Bella Mama Brings Japanese Weekend to the UK

Jul. 31 | Cheshire, UK (25th July, 2012) – Bella Mama, a leading boutique specialising in chic maternity-wear, breastfeeding clothing and baby-care accessories, has become the sole UK supplier of products by Japanese Weekend, an innovative and popular US brand....

Find the Perfect Dress for Less at Little Black Dress

Jul. 7 |  28/06/2012 – Little Black Dress is the place to find the finest black dresses and party wear in the UK.