England – 07/09/2011Recent falls in the price of golf sets has lead to more people being able to play the game.

The growth of golf knows no bounds; however the current economic climate has lead players to buy far less accessories and sales of golf clubs have begun to fall. Players are slower to pick up on new designs of clubs than they used to be. However, the sale of golf sets has strengthened. The main reason for this is the value for money they represent. The fact that golf sets are relatively cheap has enabled a lot of people to take up the game or continue playing.

Buying individual clubs costs far more than buying golf sets especially when you add in the cost of a bag.

The Internet Leads The Way For Golf Sets

Buying golf sets online is becoming especially popular. 12 club sets are proving to be the most popular golf sets suggesting that it is mainly experienced golfers who are buying their clubs this way. Sales of children’s golf sets has also grown, which for the industry is encouraging because it means there are still plenty of people starting to play the game.

The best websites have managed to considerably reduce the additional cost of delivery negating one of the main reasons people avoided buying golf sets online in the past. They also have very fair returns policy making it far easier for golfers to return clubs if they end up buying the wrong set although most websites do still require people to pay for return postage unless the clubs are faulty.

The models found on the web are now as current as those which are available at your local club shop, but if you want a bargain buying the previous model is a good way of doing it. Some golfing websites specialize in selling the previous season’s models and that is where you can save the most money.

One of the best sites with the widest range of golf sets available is www.thegolfstore4U.co.uk. They are authorized dealers for all of the biggest golf club manufactures and offer full warranties with all of their golf sets.


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