Interbooks Co., Ltd. (Interbooks) on May 2 announced the launch of a new website, “MONONOV” which introduces excellent Japanese SOHO and small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) through reviews of Japanese business books around the world.Selected Companies
“MONONOV” is not just an ordinary website to provide corporate information. It offers information about the companies selected by the authors and editors with their respective criteria. Through the reviews of these books you can find the reasons why these companies are selected. Each book review accompanies a list of companies you can contact. Additional information may also be available about the companies that post their literature in e-booklet form.

Companies of Excellence are Hidden
Interbooks CEO Yoichi Matsumoto said, “There are large numbers of excellent SOHO and SMEs in Japan with unique expertise. They have huge potential to do business with customers and partners all over the world. However, in many cases they are not known to people in other countries, although they often appear in Japanese business books. That is why we created the website “MONONOV” to promote them to the world through book reviews of Japanese business books.”

MONONOV is an Archaic Word of SAMURAI
MONONOV is named after mononofu in archaic Japan. They made arms and also served emperor as imperial guards. The word later meant samurai as well. As MONO means products or goods in Japanese and NOV means “new” in western languages, MONONOV also means “new things.” Therefore, MONONOV symbolizes the Japanese people’s centuries-old love to manufacture, samurai spirit, and innovate new things.
Matsumoto said Interbooks hopes to make “MONONOV” a platform for people abroad to find excellent Japanese SOHO and SMEs with unrivaled expertise and technologies.

About Interbooks Co., Ltd.
Interbooks Co., Ltd. is a translation company established in 1991, and is contributing to the corporate world through translation, editing and publishing. Interbooks continues to strive for innovative and diversified communications among different cultures and languages through its comprehensive translation services.

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